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Past Awarded Grants

Awarded May 2017

Digital Learning for All from Linda Harrington for Hillsboro Online Academy  Provides 15 computers per high school to create remote participation with HOA at the four high schools. Sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Student Led & Implemented Increased Academic Performance through Increased Health & Wellness (Playground) – Melissa Spendal at Jackson Elementary School.  Student led research, analysis, design, playground update and will also include multi-sensory equipment for Life Skills Program.

Full STEAM Ahead – Christy Laman at Farmington View Elementary. STEM students now become STEAM students with painting, poetry, and movie making equipment.  Sponsored by New Seasons Market, Orenco.

Two Little Robots Bring Technology to Music – Emily McMulllen at Imlay Elementary School. Provides robots, computers, and xylophones to use coding robots to teach musical concepts. Sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Becoming Scientists Cell by Cell – Tamara Glem for Imlay Elementary School. Brings magnifying lens jewelry loups and quality microscopes to investigate the world with magnification.  Sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Create, Design, and Think BIG! – Sarah Crane at Jackson Elementary School. Enhances the school Maker Space with sewing machines, robots, 3D printer, and more!

Creating Cougar Dens – Elizabeth Nahl at McKinney Elementary School. Creates calm safe spaces within each of the school’s larger spaces to help kids learn how to feel, what they are thinking, and how to self-regulate and reset to be ready to learn.

Full STEM Ahead! – Miranda Kessler for McKinney Elementary School. Creates the school’s first STEM lab/Makers area. Will purchase 3D printer, pocket scales, origami kits, lego materials, circuit sets and more. Funded by New Seasons Market, Orenco.

Building a Bilingual Classroom Bibliotheca – Tristin Jarmer Burnett at Mooberry Elementary School. Significantly increases the quantity of bilingual library books for their dual language program.

Latin Dances Club – Luisa Duran from Mooberry Elementary School. Funds traditional performance outfits for students involved in Latin Dance Club. Encourages school engagement by appreciating cultural diversity and inclusivity. Sponsored by the Richard B. Siegel Foundation.

Awarded May 2016

Coloring Connections from David Yabu and Sean Fishback for Evergreen Middle School.
Students will create dual language coloring books following the Hero’s Journey Archetype: Shop/GTT students will 3D print molds to create matching crayons and all will be donated to local elementary schools in a shared reading time. Generously sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Innovative Young Scholars from Jennifer Robbins for McKinney Elementary School.
Students will gain access to quality project based teaching and learning to increase their STEM knowledge and skills with Project Lead the Way curriculum.  It will be used in science, literacy, math, language arts and more.
Generously sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Makerspace from Rebecca Price for City View Charter School.
Expands STEAM opportunities for students by creating a Makerspace supply cart to foster critical thinking, collaboration, and comfort with scientific equipment and processes. Includes training for individual educators and parent volunteers. Cart will be available to all classrooms in partnership with the media specialist.

Real-Time Classroom Spectroscopy from John Gibbs for Glencoe High School.
Creates an authentic experience investigating the visible light spectra of several sources including elements and stars and provides a unique tool for research opportunities for astronomy students as well as chemistry and physics departments. Generously sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Let’s Get Down to Biscuits from Shelley Hawbecker and Milana Grant for Miller Education East.
Students enrolled in Independent Transition Services will start a business that manufactures and sells all-natural dog and pet treats. This will create real life experiences with hands-on, side-by-side coaching to ensure students acquire the skills necessary to meet workplace standards. Generously sponsored by New Seasons Market Orenco.

Literacy Center “Cookie Swap” from Karen Murphy for North Plains Elementary School.
Coordinates Kindergarten teacher opportunities throughout the district, to ‘swap” literacy lesson plans in all elementary schools. Each participant will purchase materials and prepare copies of a literacy center activity that is “implementation ready” with all the necessary student materials, supplies, and instructions. All plans will be uploaded to web for access by all Kindergarten teachers.

Korean Drumming from Carissa Martus, Lyndsey Sherman, Amber Young, Emily Helligso, Lise Ullman and Dan Bosshardt for Quatama, Lenox, Free Orchards, Brookwood, Imlay, and Lincoln Street Elementary Schools.
5thand 6th grade students will receive hands-on experience with authentic Korean music to encourage school engagement and cultural diversity.  Includes instruction texts, drums, books and staff will ensure all materials become a part of the district’s loaner library.

Dolphin Design Studio from Angela Adzima for Minter Bridge Elementary School.
Leverages students’ love of technology and video games to enhance math, reading and writing.  The fifth grade dual language students will use Game Star Mechanic to apply content standards to create video games while improving math and writing skills. Generously sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union

Mariachi STEAM Camp from Dan Bosshardt for HSD Mariachi students.
Middle and high school musicians will attend a comprehensive five-day, Mariachi Camp experience while emphasizing exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics. Camp is designed to provide a pipeline to higher education and offer underrepresented students the chance to engage with university staff and students, increasing college access and enhancing academic preparation. Generously sponsored by the Richard Siegel Foundation.

Hillsboro Storytelling Festival from Holly Robison for W.L. Henry Elementary School.
Students and staff will learn the art of storytelling with an artist residency and will choose, write and practice their stories in preparation for performing the stories for their peers. Judges will evaluate and superior storytellers will perform for the school and a special event at the Hillsboro Main Library. . Generously sponsored by the Richard Siegel Foundation.

Awarded 2015

Chromebooking for College
Century High School. Provides Chromebooks to help prepare AVID students for high- stakes exams; APs, SAT/ ACT as well as providing access to technology to support college readiness.
Generously Sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union

Evergreen Comicon
Evergreen Middle School. Provides iPad Minis, keyboards, and speaker fees for students to produce their own graphic novels to be showcased at Evergreen’s Comic Convention.
Generously Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Dig a Little Deeper
Free Orchards Elementary School. Provides building materials for an outdoor covered learning shelter their established school instructional garden.

Using Technology to Improve Outcomes
Miller East Career Education. Provides computers, projector and other classroom instructional technology to improve access to career readiness programs.

Oh, Snap!
Quatama Elementary School. Provides electronic circuit program kits for engineering investigations and program kits for physical science investigations.
Generously Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Reedville Bricks Labs
Reedville Elementary School. Provides supplies to create an after school robotics and programing club to enhance collaborative learning for students.

Dual Language Innovation
South Meadows Middle School.  Provides Chromebooks for students enroll to enroll in a virtual classroom where they can use on-line materials to produce blogs, videos and presentations that demonstrate their knowledge. Students can work independently at their own pace or collaboratively on projects and can be shared with the class and teacher easily.
Sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union

Now Playing…Tobias STEM in 3D
Tobias Elementary School.  Provides computers and a 3 D printer for an after school engineering program; in collaboration with Century High School.

Future Tigers, Full Days, Fully Prepared
Tobias Elementary School. Provides supplies, planning and instructional hours to give incoming Kindergarten students a
head-start on school-readiness.
Generously sponsored by the Richard Siegel Foundation

Awarded May 2014

Reinventing Health Education for the 21st Century from Kristin Blomberg for Century High School. Provides tablet computers with apps to make health more personal for students. Generously Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Anatomy in Clay from Rachelle Carnes for Century High School: Purchases skeleton forms and clay for students to learn hands on human anatomy. Generously Sponsored by Genentech

Lego Engineering for Divergent Learners from Jeff Hays for City View Charter: Purchases Lego Robotics kits to use for team building and science education. Generously Sponsored by Genentech

Using Graphic Novels to Support Reluctant Readers from Kim Harrington for Free Orchards and McKinney Elementary Schools: Engages students in books that are interesting to their generation, complete with visits from local authors.

Spartan News – Bilingual Journalism from Julio Galian for Hillsboro High School: students of the news team will create and publish an online, bilingual student newspaper.

Inclusive Playground from Molly Seibert for Imlay Elementary School: purchases permanent structures for students with all ranges of abilities to be able to play on the playground. Generously Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Flip that Science Classroom from Ramona Toth for Liberty High School:  Provides tablets for science education to engage students in up to date curriculum. Generously Sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union

Connections in Theater Arts Classrooms from Janet Van Wess for Liberty High School: through the use of technology, connects real-time to theater professionals.

Of Mice and Men from Brieanna Wilson for Liberty High School: Provides a copy of the book to every freshman at the school to connect the school community through one book.

Hats off for Mariachi from Dan Bosshardt for Lincoln Street Elementary School and District Wide: Purchases reusable uniforms, sombreros and more to building cultural bridges through authentic Mariachi music.

Kindergarten Code Challenge from Carly Klimke for Quatama Elementary School: Uses fun and dynamic learning tools to teach coding, creating a foundation for young learners. Generously Sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union

Technology for Success from Ashley Siebert for Rosedale Elementary School: Purchases tablet computers to help engage struggle students by using innovative reading tools.

It IS Rocket Science from Leslie Mayfield for Tobias Elementary School:  Creates impactful and FUN STEM learning through hands on rocket building and launching. Generously Sponsored by Genentech

STEM Outside the Walls from Andrea Schlechter for Tobias Elementary School: Through the use of Vernier Software & Technology tools, students will learn about soil qualities for the environment. Generously Sponsored by Genentech

Feel the Beat from Alexis Barker for Free Orchards Elementary School: Communication, Cooperation and Community Connections through drumming. Generously Sponsored by the Richard Siegel Foundation

Awarded May 2013

Something’s Rotten at Tobias from Leslie Smith Mayfield for Tobias Elementary School:  Provides a composting site to teach students about food waste and sustainable living practices.  Generously Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Making Math Real from Tyler South for Poynter Middle School:  Provides students at all grade levels with engaging, hands-on math learning opportunities through technology that emphasize observation and research.  Generously Sponsored by First Tech Fed CU

From Digital to Physical: Rapid Prototyping at the Speed of Light from Derek Runberg for South Meadows Middle School.: Purchases laser cutting equipment designed to enhance engineering and design projects for an authentic experience of the design cycle. Generously Sponsored by Genentech

Falcon Photography from Gwen Hullinger for Liberty High School: Purchases equipment that allows students to create and maintain an in-school business used to promote equity with regard to senior portraits. Generously Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Creating a Growth Mindset from Roger Will for Farmington View Elementary School:  Purchases staff /student development and books to promote a “growth mindset” culture.

Intro to Engineering STEM Course from Steffan Ledgerwood for Liberty High School: Purchases 3D printing equipment designed to enhance engineering and design projects for an authentic experience of the design cycle. Generously Sponsored by Genentech

STEM Lab from Troy Hall for Evergreen Middle School:Purchases equipment to revamp the shop into a STEM lab space increasing engagement by implementing small group learning focused on engineering principles. Generously Sponsored by Genentech

iPads Tech: Turning Limitations into Possibilities from Shelley Hawbecker for Century High School: Provides IPad technology to the Life Skills class promoting equity and access.

After-School Robotics from Alison Paulus for W.L. Henry Elementary School:  Funds Lego Robotics to enhance STEM involvement for underrepresented population. Generously Sponsored by First Tech Fed CU

Humanizing Education with Technology from Mark Striplin and Jeremy Corwin for Brown Middle SchoolProvides funding for technology to jumpstart teaching in a “flipped” classroom.

GEN Girls Engineering Now from Nicole Chronister for Tobias Elementary School: Funds a hands-on program to inspire female students to explore STEM careers. Generously Sponsored by Genentech

Instruments for Equitable Band Programs from Blake Allen for Brookwood Elementary School: Purchases refurbished band instruments to increase band participation by underserved.

Awarded May 2012

Poynter Bike Club: Poynter Middle School  John Sarrazin & Leslie Sheldon   Provides adequate tools for the growing Poynter Bike Club.  This is an afterschool club that serves mostly students who have been traditionally unengaged with school.  The club is organized and run by the school custodian who is a volunteer and they partner with HPD and community members who donate bikes.

Schoolyard Investigations: Quatama Elementary School  Janis Hill and Sharon Angal   Provides students at all grade levels with outdoor science and math learning opportunities through integrated learning units that emphasize observation and research.  Funded by a generous grant from Synopsys.

Breaking Down Barriers:  Free Orchards Elementary School  Steve Johnson    Purchases a variety of equipment designed to incorporate team-building and problem solving exercises into the PE curriculum.

Empowering the Digital Student: South Meadows Middle School  Derek Runberg   Purchases equipment that allows students to create custom electronics projects that familiarize them with design and construction of digital electronics and with computer science concepts. Funded by a generous grant from Synopsys.

Percussion Ensemble: Minterbridge Elementary School  Patrick Lay    Purchases instruments to create a percussion lending library and lesson plans for all elementary music teachers in HSD.

My Body, My Biography: Hillsboro High School  Kelda VanPatten   Uses the representation of the figure/body as a vehicle to bring together contemporary art, biology and anatomy.

Realia – Bringing History Alive: Brown Middle School  Mark Striplin   Purchases replica/artifacts for use in the classroom to increase engagement and understanding of the content being studied.

Wii Fitness: Rosedale Elementary and West Union Elementary  Jaclyn Kolesar  To encourage physical activity now and lifelong, incorporates the use of the Wii Entertainment System into PE curriculum by having students participate in the game “Just Dance 3.”

Kinder Quick Start/Avanza Kinder: W.L. Henry Elementary School  Erika Pierce  Funds a two week program prior to Kindergarten for 30 targeted kinders who have not had pre-kinder experiences. Goal is to build basic academic and social behavior skills. Grant funded in partnership with First Tech Federal Credit Union

Building STEM Education with LEGO Robotics: Poynter Middle School  Andrew Bekken   Provides students with a highly engaging and motivating platform for standards-based education, specifically in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) disciplines.

Full STEAM ahead! Using the arts to enhance a STEM unit: Quatama Elemetary School  Shawna Munson   Funds a Young Audience artist to work with students in a hands-on experience of synthesizing and applying physical science learning to art project of making a fused glass panel.

Communicating With The World Through iPads:  Century High School  Michelle Gray    Purchases iPads to allow language students (Spanish, Japanese, French) to use technology to learn and practice foreign languages.

Mooberry’s R.A.I.N. Garden (Realizing Academics In Nature): Mooberry Elementary School  Audrey Burdick    Funds creation of a garden to act as a hands-on laboratory for use in multiple curricular areas. Grant sponsored by New Season’s Market Orenco.

Speech Pathology iPads:  South Meadows Middle School  Sandy Jo Edlefson   Purchases 2 iPads and apps for use with students who receive speech and language therapy for communication disorders including articulation errors, and delays in social language, phonology, grammar, fluency.

Orcas at Work:  Orenco Elementary School  Mike Futter    Improves outdated equipment for the Orca Live TV student production project.

What is Home?:  Liberty High School  Rebecca Buchanan    Purchases equipment for use by Art and Ceramics students while doing a project that considers questions of home, homelessness, displacement, cultural difference and has students create ceramic works and write artist statements about their design.

Awarded May 2011

Positive Fris-bee-havior: Orenco Elementary School   Purchases 2 sets of disc golf equipment to be used with elementary students across district to increase body conditioning, aerobic exercise, and concentration skills in an activity that can be played for the rest of their lives. Sponsored by Kaiser Permanente

Home/Homeless: Hillsboro High School:   Provides art students an opportunity to consider how we understand home and what being homeless is and to transform their ideas into a series of artworks.

Total Physical Response Teaching: Glencoe High School  Purchases materials designed to improve student Spanish reading skills and comprehension of Spanish vocabulary through Total Physical Response Storytelling method and technology to improve data gathering and analysis to enhance future foreign language instruction.

Art from the Heart: Miller Education Center  Empowering Students through Art-based Instruction-Increases student engagement and academic performance of struggling students and students at risk of dropping out by connecting meaningful, hands-on forms of artistic expression to curriculum goals and achievement standards.  Also supports and expands community partnerships that allow students to contribute to and participate more fully in their community in positive and productive ways.

Netbooks Open Doors: Free Orchards Elementary School  Provides access to technology as a means to help struggling writers become competent grade-level writers who are confident users of technology. Sponsored by Verizon READS

Computers on Wheels (COWS): North Plains Elementary School    Funds a mobile computer lab that will enhance classroom instruction by giving teachers more creative flexibility to use online curriculum resources and software programs.  Sponsored by Genentech.

Lights, Camera, Action! Shaping Effective Instruction Poynter Middle School    Purchases cameras and equipment for a teacher professional development project for a professional community of teacher peers who will film their own lessons and reflect on and discuss strengths and challenges with the goal of improving instruction and increasing student achievement.

Liberty Fit: Liberty High School:    Helps fund the costs to host the 2012 Falcon 15K Relay which raises funds to support the Liberty Fit fitness club which helps often non-involved students develop physically, mentally, and socially. Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Reaching Around the World: Evergreen Middle School:   Supports the purchase and installation of technology that will allow large groups of students connect with students and cultures around the world through an internet connected interactive projection system.

Cash Registers for Consumer Math and Work Experience: Special Programs: Purchases cash registers for high schools to increase money handling skills, employment readiness, and money management skill in students with mild to moderate disabilities. Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Two-Way Immersion Summer School W.L. Henry Elementary School:  Supports development of a two-way immersion summer school for students in the dual language classes at Minter Bridge and WL Henry elementary schools to reinforce and strengthen bilingual skills in speaking, reading and writing.  Sponsored by First Tech Credit Union

Project Student Engagement: Glencoe High School  Purchases Elmo document cameras for math classrooms that will allow increased student participation, time on task, and engage large classrooms of students with diverse needs and increase achievement. Sponsored by Genentech

iRead and iSpeak with iPods: West Union Elementary School  Purchases technology to allow students to create and produce podcasts that will increase student engagement and participation throughout the curriculum and across all grade levels.

All Creatures Great and Small:  Evergreen Middle School  Funds one year after-school program that introduces students to the field of veterinary science including field, trips, dissection, microscopy, and guest veterinarian visits. Sponsored by Genentech