Grant Application Overview

Idea Creation

Oct – Dec 2024

Cycle Open

January 2025

Grant Abstracts Due

Late February 2025

Grant Finalists Notified

Mid-March 2025

Final Applications Due

Late April 2025

Grant Winners Notified

3rd week of May 2025

The Hillsboro Schools Foundation will next be awarding grants in May of 2025 for up to $7,500 to fund innovative educational projects during the 2025-2026 school year. HSF supports projects that put the tools of exploration, imagination and self-expression directly in students’ hands, providing them with opportunities they would not otherwise have under normal school funding. The grant proposal process will be in 3 steps: Abstract, Full Grant Proposal, and a Completion Report. We are offering grants up to $7,500. A total of $75,000 will be awarded.

The grant cycle will open in January of 2025. We encourage you to apply! Please contact us with any questions at

Good luck and thank you for all you do!!

Surprise Patrol May 2024

Innovative Grants for 2024 – 2025

Frequently Asked Questions

Past Grant Awards

When does the grant cycle open?

January 2025.

What are the grant award sizes?

Grant requests can be made for up $7,500.

How many times can I apply?

There is no limit to the number of grant abstract applications you can submit.

Which types of requests receive funding?

Any program enrichment that is innovative, will help boost achievement, improve equity, promote wellness, foster creativity or increase engagement will be considered.

Any there any good tips that will help me improve my chances?

Have someone proofread your application. Submit your application on time. Follow directions. Illustrate the ways your innovative idea will engage students.

2024 Grant Award Winners

A “Link” to STEM: Liberty HS: Steffan Ledgerwood

Leverages gamification, inspired by a University of Maryland course, to engage students and increase the diversity in STEM classes by utilizing video games to teach engineering concepts through robot design.

Big Blue Blocks: Tamarack ES: Natasha Inafuku & Holly Goritz

Provides ‘Big Blue Blocks’ for students to see and manipulate design thinking in the classroom. Provides an imaginative way to introduce force and motion and engineering to students. They also increase student engagement within a highly diverse school.

Books Supporting Students: Poynter MS: Kimberly Parrett

Provides prose novels that students want to read to improve reading abilities in struggling readers and English language learners. “Own-Voice’ stories are written about characters from diverse groups by authors of that same identity.

Buzzing with STEM: Tamarack ES: Riley Chun

Tamarack is starting to build their student garden for their new school but do not have tools or seeds! Helps with hands-on learning for STEAM careers.

Creating a More Equitable Music Room: North Plains ES: MyKenzie Miller

Supplies xylophones and mallets for music programs which teach collaboration, developing techniques for music, rhythmic improvisation and performing in front of peers. Will also provide students without access to music lessons and instruments an opportunity try ‘band’ before middle school electives are chosen.

Drumming Around the World: West Union ES: Samantha Schmidt

Provides multicultural musical experiences with drums and curriculum. Inclusive for all students regardless of ability or individual needs. Introduces World Music Drumming and excites students to try percussion in high school.

Flight to the Future: Funding for Kestrel Nesting Boxes: Tamarack ES: Shannon Jones

Students will build high-quality kestrel nesting boxes, fostering student engagement in wildlife conservation and habitat preservation efforts. 

iPads and Communication Systems for Modeling: Orenco ES: Sara Kolbet, Angie James, Rachel Prevost

Allows teachers to communicate with minimally verbal or nonverbal students who are learning to use a communication device. Aids in teaching students to use devices for both expressive and receptive communication.

Kindness Garden: Patterson ES: Amanda Jett & Jamie Lentz

Connects students to the natural world through land stewardship, management of ecology, social awareness, and teaches students about the impacts humans have on our natural world. They will also study the Kalapuya Tribe, indigenous planting and how they stewarded the land we live on.

Liberty Fit – Run Free! Barbara Kraft

Supports students’ ability to participate in the Liberty Fit running program who cannot afford the gear to run. The club attracts students not involved in other school sports who are looking to better themselves and meet fellow classmates.

Liberty High School Fiber Arts: Amiiya Larrance & Alice Kelly

Expands the Liberty Fiber Arts after-school club offerings to include sewing and embroidery with hi-tech sewing machines, Cricut makers and supplies. 

Life Skillin’ it: Century HS: Cynthia Paden-Matsuzaki and Danny Kernan

Modifying the school weight room to enable Life Skills Classroom students to participate in fitness activities alongside general education peers. Provides lighter weights, weighted hula hoops, and agility materials. 

Next Level Makerspace: Poynter MS: Kimberly Parrett

Equitably improves student wellbeing, social connectedness and school engagement through a ‘Next-Level Makerspace.’ Adds jewelry making, painting, sewing, and more to broaden the makerspace engagement.

Orenco Elementary Playground Communication Board: Sara Kolbet, Angela James, Williiam Wenzloff

Purchases a communication board for near the playground so that all students can point to images relating to play and basic communication when verbal communication is difficult.

Our Future STEM Leaders: Jackson ES: Jennifer Brown PTA

Inspires students to be STEM leaders by offering after-school LEGO robotics programs. Helps students to learn programing, development and engineering prior to middle and high school.

Sew Much Potential: Century High School:  Cassondra Sauve

Upgrades the Century Theatre potential with an investment in the costume shop. Purchases sewing machines and sergers to teach students sewing arts for the robust CTE theatre program.

Sparking a Love of Reading: Liberty HS: Lisa Allen

Spark of Love of Reading provides exciting classroom libraries for every Language Arts classroom at Liberty. Encourages high schoolers to read at every opportunity, books that are reflective of their home languages and cultures with exciting and engaging stories. Supports 11 classrooms, with 20-70 new books per classroom. 

Transition Skills for Success: Peter Boscow Campus – Community Transitions: Krista Hanson

Creates a student-operated freeze-drying business. This grant will instill essential employment skills, boost confidence, and promote community inclusion for our students with intellectual disabilities. 


2023 Grant Award Winners


Let Your Dreams Take Flight!, Liberty HS, Sheri Brownlie.
Facilitates the utilization of a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD), allowing students to learn skills that align to FAA pilot license requirements and log that experience as flight time, saving them hundreds of dollars.

Evergreen Eagle Wings, Evergreen MS, Sean Fishback.
Integrates flight technologies (flight simulators, controllers and VR) into the technology classroom.

Ladd Acres Light Table Learning, Ladd Acres ES, Amanda Giles. 
Acquires learning tools to enhance STEAM exploration with existing light tables, including: educational x-rays, sorting trays, color exploration tools, and building manipulatives.

“Born A Crime” Books, Liberty HS, Brieanna Douthit. 
Engaging, Real, and Humorous Books for ALL Sophomores.

Tooling To the Top, Evergreen MS, Scott Harrington
Replacement of dilapidated tools, and integration of new high quality tools, for student use.

Purposeful Play for Positive Outcomes, Witch Hazel ES, Ashley Irwin, Audrey Truesdale, Holly Goritz, Ronda Gatewood, Debbie Alvarado
Fosters crucial social emotional and relationship building skills through purposeful play while sparking early interest in HSD’s Career Pathways and CTE programs.

Wolves on Wheels, Witch Hazel ES, Casey Connor
Incorporation of inline skating into physical education curriculum and after school program to promote lifelong physical activity.

Dual Credit Psychology Chromebooks, Century HS, Wayne Bohm. 
Provides a bank of Chromebooks to be kept in the classroom for virtual testing through Western Oregon University (college credit is dependent on the outcome of these tests).

Creating Content, Creating Memories, Evergreen MS, Sean Fishback. 
Redefining what it means to create a yearbook, using video and photography to evolve the yearbook and release parts over the year, then letting it culminate in a completed book/vlog interactive project.

Native Plants Garden, Brown MS, Ashley Jennings
Creates a calming and educational garden space for students using traditional plants and techniques from local Native American tribes.

For the Love of Literacy, McKinney ES, Sara Johnson, Miranda Kessler
Encourages involvement in literacy and reading expansion by replacing old out of date books, and books that have been lost due to the pandemic, with new and updated books.

Increasing Black Student Engagement, Poynter MS, Bethany Harvey.  
Aims to build a robust Black Student Union at Poynter Middle School, with the objective of increasing feelings of school connectedness and school engagement among Black/African American students.

AVID Goes to College!, Liberty HS, Barbara Kraft, Bret Davis. 
AVID goes to college with HSF field trip funds!

This is Where We Belong, West Union ES, Kim Harrington.
In conjunction with a new West Union ES logo design, the school will collaborate with Liberty HS to celebrate a new “beginning” with the addition of two permanent art installations along with new interior school banners to enhance and showcase school culture and pride.


2022 Grant Award Winners


Middle School Makers, Evergreen MS, Sean Fishback. Transforms the technology class into a maker space. Students can harness an idea, capture and refine it in 3D computer drafting, and then print, cut, or carve the final product using 3D printers, vinyl cutters, and a CNC Carver.

Ukuleles for All, Free Orchards ES, Mark Anderson. Upgrade Free Orchards School’s ukulele inventory to replace aging baritones with new, more accessible sopranos, and a storage rack to free up counter and wall space. Includes classroom sets of 35 with strings, tuners, and book.

Enhancing Biliteracy Through Technology, Free Orchards ES, Ada Armenta. Project uses educational technology to support implementation of the three pillars of dual language. Mystery Doug for the entire school leads students through the scientific process to find answers.

Cutting the Path to a Better Team Future, Glencoe HS, Williane Tenca, Jean Tenca and Scott Jackson of Shockwave Robotics. Purchase a Laser Cutter Machine and supplies that are necessary to the development and construction of team robot. Develops hands-on learning experience in modern industry standard machinery. For use by the Nationally recognized Hillsboro Shockwave team, and classroom students.

YOU ASKED FOR THEM, YOU GOT THEM! Graphic and Spanish Language Novels, Poynter MS, Kimberly Parrett. Stocks Poynter MS library with 296 new fiction titles that are current, culturally relevant, representative of student backgrounds, connect to social-emotional learning, in both Spanish and English, and in both graphic and text-only formats that the STUDENTS WANT to increase student engagement with books.

Sowing Seeds of Century Serenity, Century HS, Karla Brokaw, Laura Wilson. Reinvigorates the internal outdoor courtyards into spaces that refresh the mind and soul, and to give students an opportunity to reacquaint themselves with nature in an ever-expanding concrete jungle.

Danza Folkorico, McKinney ES, Reyna Lara Barajas. Ballet Folklorico is a music and dance program where children can grow skills and explore cultural diversity through dance. The program has been created by PAC members to celebrate and share Mexican culture. Funds Nayarit and Baja California style costumes for students.

Sew Into STREAM, Imlay ES, Shannon Lusk. Developing STREAM skills (science, technology, reading, engineering, art and math) through sewing, video game development, coding video production, and fine arts for Imlay K-6 students. The resources motivate students to come to school. They also begin to focus on the college pathways they can choose while in high school.

Century Makerspace Club, Century HS, Chris Winikka, Abiral Shakya (Student). Provides tools for after school extracurricular programs in STEM interests. Allows students to continue learning about engineering or other STEM activities. They brainstorm, do background research, create prototypes and create a final product. This is a current club that really needs a Makerspace.

“The Salmon Boy” Play, Tobias ES, Natalie Genter-Gilmore. Brings literacy, performing arts and science together for TOES 3rd Grade: “The Salmon Boy” play. The play relates back to Tobias collaboration with the Oregon Dept. Fish and Wildlife to hatch salmon eggs in classroom tanks. They built interdisciplinary lessons around social studies (geography, impacts of dams, Native cultural ties to salmon) and science, literacy and visual arts. They are also commissioning a Native American playwright to adapt the story for the school.


2021 Grant Award Winners

Wellness Studio From Mike Myers, Bethany Harvey, and Anna Posthumus at Poynter MS. Provides a dedicated space to be used for direct instruction for students by appointment to encourage the regular practice of self-care. Includes teaches of “Yoga Calm” for positive mental health, which will be taught school-wide.

Juntos Podemos – Together We Can From Ashley Irwin, Corey Jones, Sam Meyer, Kalinda Burton, Audrey Carpenter, Jules Christopher at Witch Hazel ES Provides for the purchase of diverse library book to promote an early love of reading and create leisure readers, which boost reading in other subjects.

TOES Cuomo Maker Space From Helene Cuomo , Andrew Bekken at Tobias ES. Transforms the current Lightbulb Lab into a usable Maker Space open to K-6th. Students have the opportunity to visit the lab weekly and work with their hands. It also integrates literacy, language skills, following directions, and other critical skills. Focuses on the skills needed in the college and career pathways programs.

IMES Hansen Enriching school-wide academic play opportunities From Anita Hansen at Imlay. Designs and implements an equitable playground vision by marking up the playground for creative student play in and outside of school. Games using the various painted areas will be taught to students by teachers.

GK8 McClelland Mobile Art Kits From Christina McClelland, Rachel Jones, Lacy Gonzalez from Groner. Mobile art kits for students to engage in art anywhere on school campus. Picnic benches, playgrounds, in the fields, etc. Students use real artists tools including drawing books. Develops fine motor skills, as well as unleashing the creative spirit.

Balanced Bobcats: A Brookwood Sensory Project From Emily Caldwell at Brookwood Elementary. Target the social-emotional learning of all Brookwood students by giving access to a variety of sensory tools in order to promote self-regulation skills, address the trauma they have experienced over the past year and show them how to regulate so they can meaningfully participate in school, academically, behaviorally, and socially.  


2020 Grant Award Winners

Mentally, Emotionally, & Physically Fit – Yoga and Mindfulness Groups for BMS Panthers From Kristy Brehem at R.A. Brown Middle School. Provides for outside and during school hours Yoga training. Will help students relate emotionally and physically in their current research-based comprehensive counseling program in order to manage big emotions, focus their attention, and cope with stress so they are better able to tackle academic work free of distractions.    

From Recorder to Band: Bridging the Gap  From Lana Pratt for Ladd Acres Elementary School. Introduces the jHorn and bridges the gap between learning recorder in the 4th grade and being prepared to play and care for brass instruments in band in 6th grade. Students will continue on a path to being a confident musician for life.

LiPS – It’s The Way To Read  From Stacy Dezellem at Ladd Acres. Introduce LiPS materials to enhance phonemic awareness for emerging readers. Beginning with all kinders and working up the grade levels to struggling readers.

Interactive Literacy: A Schoolwide Initiative to Cultivate Data-Driven Readers  From Mattie Lundy at R.A. Brown Middle School.  Incorporates data-driven technology and the relevant literature the school needs to make the library a vibrant, multilingual, cross-curricular hub that is welcoming to all students and that directly promotes R.A. Brown as a school of interactive intentional readers.  

Every Learner Can Code From Kirsten Meyer at Indian Hills Elementary School. This project aims to meet the unique learning needs of all students through a multidisciplinary approach, using hands-on STEM coding and robotics tools.  

Calming Walks for Student Wellness From Andrew Bekken at Tobias Elementary School. Creates a sensory path to provide calming breaks and increase engagement and academic outcomes for all students.

Creating Art to Create Connection From Ciara Hartzell at Reedville Elementary School. Provides supplies for monthly Reedville family gatherings for focused art lessons facilitated by students and staff to ignite creativity and connection.

A Greenhouse for Growing Minds  From Amy Wachsmuth at West Union Elementary School. Builds and outfits a greenhouse so that students can work on growing produce, science, writing, and art year-round. Generously Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Ramp Technology to Accelerate Students’ Application of Algebra in Physics at Glencoe High School: From Alison Prehn at Glencoe High School. Purchases CPO’s Energy Car and Smart Tracks to increase enthusiasm for individualized/creative student-led inquiry and to gain optimization of concept applications in velocity, acceleration, Newton’s Laws, and momentum.

2019 Grant Award Winners
Books to Meet Benchmark From Becky Cisco and SMART for K-3rd grade literacy at W.L Henry and 6 other schools. Provides dual language, culturally specific, hardbound books for the library and paperback books for kids to own. $5,000

Increasing College Readiness for STEM Careers through Advanced Physics From Theresa Alexander for Hillsboro High School. Enhances physics programs with the use of Vernier equipment with hands on learning. $10,000
Sponsored by Vernier Software & Technology.

‘Oui’ Readers: E-Readers for the Foreign Language Classroom From Reyna Land at Century High School. Kindle E-Readers for the Foreign Language departments for relevant, authentic and diverse reading material. $4500

Feeding Future Bookworms From Maile Coad at Eastwood Elementary School. Purchases Spanish language books and graphic novels to improve equity and diversity in the library. $4592

Alaska, A Place to Chill- School Wellness Room From Tara Dolan at Brown Middle School. Provides a safe, quiet and calm space for students to de-escalate and re-focus to return to class to re-engage in learning. $1,000

Bloxels: Build a Better Video Game! From Patrick Brittenham at Quatama Elementary School. Students will learn to build their own video games! $1,200
Sponsored by New Seasons Market Orenco.

Students Water Instruction Month From Daniel Waterman at Free Orchards Elementary School. Provides formal swim and water safety lessons for students who wouldn’t have other access opportunities. $1,780

Orca Live Goes Digital From Mike Futter at Orenco Elementary School. Upgrades student-led live news TV program in it’s 15th anniversary year. $5000
Sponsored by New Seasons Market Orenco.

Mastering Math Through Magic: The Gathering For Karen Murphy from Free Orchards Elementary School. Establishes an after-school card game club to improve computation skills and attitudes toward math. $1,998

Comics Academy: Bringing Student Created Stories To Life from Noah Simonson at Quatama Elementary School. Creates a comic academy for writing, art, and storytelling. $2,619 Sponsored by New Seasons Market Orenco.

Project MADE – Musica Ayuda Desarollar Educacian (Music Helps Develop Education) From Wendy Steele at Reedville and Butternut Creek Elementary School. Provides musical instruments with cultural significance attending Title 1, Trauma informed and Bi-lingual elementary schools. $11,847

All the School’s a Stage from Miranda Kessler at McKinney Elementary School. Works with professional theater teachers and parent volunteers to prepare a production for the community. $4,998

MathGrowth Mindset For All from Roger Will for Brown Middle School. Students will complete a growth mindset journey to gain confidence in learning. $5,000

2018 Grant Award Winners
GHS in search of GMOs from Linda Wolf at Glencoe High School. Students will learn core techniques of the biotech industry, and be able to isolate, amplify and analyze DNA to determine whether foods they bring in contain GMOs. $14,972.46
Sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Live from SMMS it’s a School Day! From Andrew Englen at South Meadows Middle School. The News Team class will use new broadcast system equipment to bring live, high quality newscasts to the entire school in order to foster a positive school atmosphere and increase school engagement. $9,995
Sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Club Connections from Kristy Kottkey at Evergreen Middle School. Students will be taught specific skills in the areas of sport, mind, and as part of a larger program that will reconnect them to school and community. $3,157 (requested $4,980)

We Will Rock You! From Anna Rikli of Liberty High School. Through learning to play the guitar, We Will Rock You! provides an opportunity for all students to participate in a music class and build skills that can feed their musical interests, give them opportunities to express themselves, and possibly lead to career opportunities. $4,767

Mobile Makerspace From Jessica Ballanti at Reedville Elementary School. A mobile makerspace cart will allow students to have access to STEM tools for creative, collaborative and experiential learning in the media center and throughout the school. $2,380
Sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union

Can You Hear Me Now! From Jim Dunlop at Century High School. Provides amps and mics for the school’s music department that includes 10% of the student body. Also will be used at the Camp Amp program in partnership with the City of Hillsboro Parks Department. $4,866.20

CRIBS from Tori Lee Scoles at Hillsboro High School. Brings HilHi Theater and IB Theater into the technological era by providing Chromebooks for their multi-cultural, multi-socio economic student body for programming in theater. Will enhance playwriting, blocking and directing of their own plays. Also will support sound, lighting, costume, and props as well as advertising for the programs students have chosen. $4,876.6

Agricultural Education from Shannon Freudenthal at W. Verne McKinney Elementary School. Provides funding for a greenhouse to allow weekly hands-on garden education despite the weather and time of the school year. School has a garden director funded by a federal grant that will coordinate the program. $4,986
Sponsored by New Seasons Market Orenco.

Operation Pugmill from Rebecca Buchanan and Braiana Koch at Century High School. Purchases a pugmill to recycle dried and hardened clay along with buying two hand dryers to increase sustainability and decrease waste in the art classroom. $3,500
Funded by Richard Siegel Foundation

2017 Grant Award Winners

Coloring Connections from David Yabu and Sean Fishback for Evergreen Middle School.
Students will create dual language coloring books following the Hero’s Journey Archetype: Shop/GTT students will 3D print molds to create matching crayons and all will be donated to local elementary schools in a shared reading time.
Generously sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Innovative Young Scholars from Jennifer Robbins for McKinney Elementary School.
Students will gain access to quality project based teaching and learning to increase their STEM knowledge and skills with Project Lead the Way curriculum. It will be used in science, literacy, math, language arts and more.
Generously sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Makerspace from Rebecca Price for City View Charter School.
Expands STEAM opportunities for students by creating a Makerspace supply cart to foster critical thinking, collaboration, and comfort with scientific equipment and processes. Includes training for individual educators and parent volunteers. Cart will be available to all classrooms in partnership with the media specialist.

Real-Time Classroom Spectroscopy from John Gibbs for Glencoe High School.
Creates an authentic experience investigating the visible light spectra of several sources including elements and stars and provides a unique tool for research opportunities for astronomy students as well as chemistry and physics departments.
Generously sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Let’s Get Down to Biscuits from Shelley Hawbecker and Milana Grant for Miller Education East.
Students enrolled in Independent Transition Services will start a business that manufactures and sells all-natural dog and pet treats. This will create real life experiences with hands-on, side-by-side coaching to ensure students acquire the skills necessary to meet workplace standards.
Generously sponsored by New Seasons Market Orenco.

Literacy Center “Cookie Swap” from Karen Murphy for North Plains Elementary School.
Coordinates Kindergarten teacher opportunities throughout the district, to ‘swap” literacy lesson plans in all elementary schools. Each participant will purchase materials and prepare copies of a literacy center activity that is “implementation ready” with all the necessary student materials, supplies, and instructions. All plans will be uploaded to web for access by all Kindergarten teachers.

Korean Drumming from Carissa Martus, Lyndsey Sherman, Amber Young, Emily Helligso, Lise Ullman and Dan Bosshardt for Quatama, Lenox, Free Orchards, Brookwood, Imlay, and Lincoln Street Elementary Schools.
5thand 6th grade students will receive hands-on experience with authentic Korean music to encourage school engagement and cultural diversity. Includes instruction texts, drums, books and staff will ensure all materials become a part of the district’s loaner library.

Dolphin Design Studio from Angela Adzima for Minter Bridge Elementary School.
Leverages students’ love of technology and video games to enhance math, reading and writing. The fifth grade dual language students will use Game Star Mechanic to apply content standards to create video games while improving math and writing skills.
Generously sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union

Mariachi STEAM Camp from Dan Bosshardt for HSD Mariachi students.
Middle and high school musicians will attend a comprehensive five-day, Mariachi Camp experience while emphasizing exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics. Camp is designed to provide a pipeline to higher education and offer underrepresented students the chance to engage with university staff and students, increasing college access and enhancing academic preparation.
Generously sponsored by the Richard Siegel Foundation.

Hillsboro Storytelling Festival from Holly Robison for W.L. Henry Elementary School.
Students and staff will learn the art of storytelling with an artist residency and will choose, write and practice their stories in preparation for performing the stories for their peers. Judges will evaluate and superior storytellers will perform for the school and a special event at the Hillsboro Main Library.
Generously sponsored by the Richard Siegel Foundation.

2016 Grant Award Winners

Chromebooking for College
Century High School. Provides Chromebooks to help prepare AVID students for high- stakes exams; APs, SAT/ ACT as well as providing access to technology to support college readiness.
Generously Sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union

Evergreen Comicon
Evergreen Middle School. Provides iPad Minis, keyboards, and speaker fees for students to produce their own graphic novels to be showcased at Evergreen’s Comic Convention.
Generously Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Dig a Little Deeper
Free Orchards Elementary School. Provides building materials for an outdoor covered learning shelter their established school instructional garden.

Using Technology to Improve Outcomes
Miller East Career Education. Provides computers, projector and other classrooms instructional technology to improve access to career readiness programs.

Oh, Snap!
Quatama Elementary School. Provides electronic circuit program kits for engineering investigations and program kits for physical science investigations.
Generously Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Reedville Bricks Labs
Reedville Elementary School. Provides supplies to create an after school robotics and programming club to enhance collaborative learning for students.

Dual Language Innovation
South Meadows Middle School. Provides Chromebooks for students enroll to enroll in a virtual classroom where they can use on-line materials to produce blogs, videos, and presentations that demonstrate their knowledge. Students can work independently at their own pace or collaboratively on projects and can be shared with the class and teacher easily.
Generously Sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union

Now Playing…Tobias STEM in 3D
Tobias Elementary School. Provides computers and a 3 D printer for an after school engineering program; in collaboration with Century High School.

Future Tigers, Full Days, Fully Prepared
Tobias Elementary School. Provides supplies, planning and instructional hours to give incoming Kindergarten students a
head-start on school-readiness.
Generously sponsored by the Richard Siegel Foundation

2015 Grant Award Winners

Chromebooking for College
Century High School. Provides Chromebooks to help prepare AVID students for high- stakes exams; APs, SAT/ ACT as well as providing access to technology to support college readiness.
Generously Sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union

Evergreen Comicon
Evergreen Middle School. Provides iPad Minis, keyboards, and speaker fees for students to produce their own graphic novels to be showcased at Evergreen’s Comic Convention.
Generously Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Dig a Little Deeper
Free Orchards Elementary School. Provides building materials for an outdoor covered learning shelter their established school instructional garden.

Using Technology to Improve Outcomes
Miller East Career Education. Provides computers, projector and other classrooms instructional technology to improve access to career readiness programs.

Oh, Snap!
Quatama Elementary School. Provides electronic circuit program kits for engineering investigations and program kits for physical science investigations.
Generously Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Reedville Bricks Labs
Reedville Elementary School. Provides supplies to create an after school robotics and programming club to enhance collaborative learning for students.

Dual Language Innovation
South Meadows Middle School. Provides Chromebooks for students enroll to enroll in a virtual classroom where they can use on-line materials to produce blogs, videos, and presentations that demonstrate their knowledge. Students can work independently at their own pace or collaboratively on projects and can be shared with the class and teacher easily.
Generously Sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union

Now Playing…Tobias STEM in 3D
Tobias Elementary School. Provides computers and a 3 D printer for an after school engineering program; in collaboration with Century High School.

Future Tigers, Full Days, Fully Prepared
Tobias Elementary School. Provides supplies, planning and instructional hours to give incoming Kindergarten students a
head-start on school-readiness.
Generously sponsored by the Richard Siegel Foundation

2014 Grant Award Winners

Reinventing Health Education for the 21st Century from Kristin Blomberg for Century High School. Provides tablet computers with apps to make health more personal for students.
Generously Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Anatomy in Clay from Rachelle Carnes for Century High School: Purchases skeleton forms and clay for students to learn hands on human anatomy.
Generously Sponsored by Genentech

Lego Engineering for Divergent Learners from Jeff Hays for City View Charter: Purchases Lego Robotics kits to use for team building and science education.
Generously Sponsored by Genentech

Using Graphic Novels to Support Reluctant Readers from Kim Harrington for Free Orchards and McKinney Elementary Schools: Engages students in books that are interesting to their generation, complete with visits from local authors.

Spartan News – Bilingual Journalism from Julio Galian for Hillsboro High School: students of the news team will create and publish an online, bilingual student newspaper.

Inclusive Playground from Molly Seibert for Imlay Elementary School: purchases permanent structures for students with all ranges of abilities to be able to play on the playground.
Generously Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Flip that Science Classroom from Ramona Toth for Liberty High School: Provides tablets for science education to engage students in up to date curriculum.
Generously Sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union

Connections in Theater Arts Classrooms from Janet Van Wess for Liberty High School: through the use of technology, connects real-time to theater professionals.

Of Mice and Men from Brieanna Wilson for Liberty High School: Provides a copy of the book to every freshman at the school to connect the school community through one book.

Hats off for Mariachi from Dan Bosshardt for Lincoln Street Elementary School and District Wide: Purchases reusable uniforms, sombreros and more to building cultural bridges through authentic Mariachi music.

Kindergarten Code Challenge from Carly Klimke for Quatama Elementary School: Uses fun and dynamic learning tools to teach coding, creating a foundation for young learners.
Generously Sponsored by First Tech Federal Credit Union

Technology for Success from Ashley Siebert for Rosedale Elementary School: Purchases tablet computers to help engage struggle students by using innovative reading tools.

It IS Rocket Science from Leslie Mayfield for Tobias Elementary School: Creates impactful and FUN STEM learning through hands on rocket building and launching.
Generously Sponsored by Genentech

STEM Outside the Walls from Andrea Schlechter for Tobias Elementary School: Through the use of Vernier Software & Technology tools, students will learn about soil qualities for the environment.
Generously Sponsored by Genentech

Feel the Beat from Alexis Barker for Free Orchards Elementary School: Communication, Cooperation and Community Connections through drumming.
Generously Sponsored by the Richard Siegel Foundation

2013 Grant Award Winners

Something’s Rotten at Tobias from Leslie Smith Mayfield for Tobias Elementary School: Provides a composting site to teach students about food waste and sustainable living practices. Generously Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Making Math Real from Tyler South for Poynter Middle School: Provides students at all grade levels with engaging, hands-on math learning opportunities through technology that emphasize observation and research. Generously Sponsored by First Tech Fed CU

From Digital to Physical: Rapid Prototyping at the Speed of Light from Derek Runberg for South Meadows Middle School.: Purchases laser cutting equipment designed to enhance engineering and design projects for an authentic experience of the design cycle. Generously Sponsored by Genentech

Falcon Photography from Gwen Hullinger for Liberty High School: Purchases equipment that allows students to create and maintain an in-school business used to promote equity with regard to senior portraits. Generously Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Creating a Growth Mindset from Roger Will for Farmington View Elementary School: Purchases staff /student development and books to promote a “growth mindset” culture.

Intro to Engineering STEM Course from Steffan Ledgerwood for Liberty High School: Purchases 3D printing equipment designed to enhance engineering and design projects for an authentic experience of the design cycle. Generously Sponsored by Genentech

STEM Lab from Troy Hall for Evergreen Middle School:Purchases equipment to revamp the shop into a STEM lab space increasing engagement by implementing small group learning focused on engineering principles. Generously Sponsored by Genentech

iPads Tech: Turning Limitations into Possibilities from Shelley Hawbecker for Century High School: Provides IPad technology to the Life Skills class promoting equity and access.

After-School Robotics from Alison Paulus for W.L. Henry Elementary School: Funds Lego Robotics to enhance STEM involvement for underrepresented population. Generously Sponsored by First Tech Fed CU

Humanizing Education with Technology from Mark Striplin and Jeremy Corwin for Brown Middle School: Provides funding for technology to jumpstart teaching in a “flipped” classroom.

GEN Girls Engineering Now from Nicole Chronister for Tobias Elementary School: Funds a hands-on program to inspire female students to explore STEM careers. Generously Sponsored by Genentech

Instruments for Equitable Band Programs from Blake Allen for Brookwood Elementary School: Purchases refurbished band instruments to increase band participation by underserved.

2012 Grant Award Winners

Poynter Bike Club: Poynter Middle School Leslie Sheldon Provides adequate tools for the growing Poynter Bike Club. This is an afterschool club that serves mostly students who have been traditionally unengaged with school. The club is organized and run by the school custodian who is a volunteer and they partner with HPD and community members who donate bikes.

Schoolyard Investigations: Quatama Elementary School Janis Hill and Sharon Angal Provides students at all grade levels with outdoor science and math learning opportunities through integrated learning units that emphasize observation and research. Funded by a generous grant from Synopsys.

Breaking Down Barriers: Free Orchards Elementary School Steve Johnson Purchases a variety of equipment designed to incorporate team-building and problem solving exercises into the PE curriculum.

Empowering the Digital Student: South Meadows Middle School Derek Runberg Purchases equipment that allows students to create custom electronics projects that familiarize them with design and construction of digital electronics and with computer science concepts. Funded by a generous grant from Synopsys.

Percussion Ensemble: Minterbridge Elementary School Patrick Lay Purchases instruments to create a percussion lending library and lesson plans for all elementary music teachers in HSD.
My Body, My Biography: Hillsboro High School Kelda VanPatten Uses the representation of the figure/body as a vehicle to bring together contemporary art, biology and anatomy.
Realia – Bringing History Alive: Brown Middle School Mark Striplin Purchases replica/artifacts for use in the classroom to increase engagement and understanding of the content being studied.

Wii Fitness: Rosedale Elementary and West Union Elementary Jaclyn Kolesar To encourage physical activity now and lifelong, incorporates the use of the Wii Entertainment System into PE curriculum by having students participate in the game “Just Dance 3.”

Kinder Quick Start/Avanza Kinder: W.L. Henry Elementary School Erika Pierce Funds a two week program prior to Kindergarten for 30 targeted kinders who have not had pre-kinder experiences. Goal is to build basic academic and social behavior skills. Grant funded in partnership with First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Building STEM Education with LEGO Robotics: Poynter Middle School Andrew Bekken Provides students with a highly engaging and motivating platform for standards-based education, specifically in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) disciplines.

Full STEAM ahead! Using the arts to enhance a STEM unit: Quatama Elemetary School Shawna Munson Funds a Young Audience artist to work with students in a hands-on experience of synthesizing and applying physical science learning to art project of making a fused glass panel.

Communicating With The World Through iPads: Century High School Michelle Gray Purchases iPads to allow language students (Spanish, Japanese, French) to use technology to learn and practice foreign languages.

Mooberry’s R.A.I.N. Garden (Realizing Academics In Nature): Mooberry Elementary School Audrey Burdick Funds creation of a garden to act as a hands-on laboratory for use in multiple curricular areas. Grant sponsored by New Season’s Market Orenco.

Speech Pathology iPads: South Meadows Middle School Sandy Jo Edlefson Purchases 2 iPads and apps for use with students who receive speech and language therapy for communication disorders including articulation errors, and delays in social language, phonology, grammar, fluency.

Orcas at Work: Orenco Elementary School Mike Futter Improves outdated equipment for the Orca Live TV student production project.

What is Home?: Liberty High School Rebecca Buchanan Purchases equipment for use by Art and Ceramics students while doing a project that considers questions of home, homelessness, displacement, cultural difference and has students create ceramic works and write artist statements about their design.

2011 Grant Award Winners

Orenco Elementary School: Steve Johnson Positive Fris-bee-havior – Purchases 2 sets of disc golf equipment to be used with elementary students across district to increase body conditioning, aerobic exercise, and concentration skills in an activity that can be played for the rest of their lives. Sponsored by Kaiser Permanente

Hillsboro High School: Cynthia Schubert, Kelda Van Patten, Rebecca Buchanan.
Home/Homeless –provides art students an opportunity to consider how we understand home and what being homeless is and to transform their ideas into a series of artworks.

Glencoe High School: Stacey Pelster.
Total Physical Response Teaching – purchases materials designed to improve student Spanish reading skills and comprehension of Spanish vocabulary through Total Physical Response Storytelling method and technology to improve data gathering and analysis to enhance future foreign language instruction.

Miller Education Center: Karen Shea
Art from the Heart; Empowering Students through Art-based Instruction-Increases student engagement and academic performance of struggling students and students at risk of dropping out by connecting meaningful, hands-on forms of artistic expression to curriculum goals and achievement standards. Also supports and expands community partnerships that allow students to contribute to and participate more fully in their community in positive and productive ways.

Free Orchards Elementary School: Holly Haskell
Netbooks Open Doors –provides access to technology as a means to help struggling writers become competent grade-level writers who are confident users of technology. Sponsored by Verizon READS

North Plains Elementary School: Craig Harlow
Computers on Wheels (COWS) –funds a mobile computer lab that will enhance classroom instruction by giving teachers more creative flexibility to use online curriculum resources and software programs. Sponsored by Genentech.

Poynter Middle School: Jessica Thompson
Lights, Camera, Action! Shaping Effective Instruction – purchases cameras and equipment for a teacher professional development project for a professional community of teacher peers who will film their own lessons and reflect on and discuss strengths and challenges with the goal of improving instruction and increasing student achievement.

Liberty High School: Laurie Jenkins
Liberty Fit– helps fund the costs to host the 2012 Falcon 15K Relay which raises funds to support the Liberty Fit fitness club which helps often non-involved students develop physically, mentally, and socially. Sponsored by New Seasons Market

Evergreen Middle School: Linda Harrington
Reaching Around the World –Supports the purchase and installation of technology that will allow large groups of students connect with students and cultures around the world through an internet connected interactive projection system.

Special Programs: Amy Little and Terri Nickens
Cash Registers for Consumer Math and Work Experience –purchases cash registers for high schools to increase money handling skills, employment readiness, and money management skill in students with mild to moderate disabilities. Sponsored by New Seasons Market

W.L. Henry Elementary School: Laura Reese
Two-Way Immersion Summer School-supports development of a two-way immersion summer school for students in the dual language classes at Minter Bridge and WL Henry elementary schools to reinforce and strengthen bilingual skills in speaking, reading and writing. Sponsored by First Tech Credit Union

Glencoe High School: Carol Gaumond
Project Student Engagement-purchases Elmo document cameras for math classrooms that will allow increased student participation, time on task, and engage large classrooms of students with diverse needs and increase achievement. Sponsored by Genentech

West Union Elementary School: Connie Greenlee and Diane Kinion iRead and iSpeak with iPods –purchases technology to allow students to create and produce podcasts that will increase student engagement and participation throughout the curriculum and across all grade levels.

Evergreen Middle School: Jessie Bader
All Creatures Great and Small –funds one year after-school program that introduces students to the field of veterinary science including field, trips, dissection, microscopy, and guest veterinarian visits. Sponsored by Genentech

2010 Grant Award Winners

Embroidery by Falcons: Liberty High School, Terri Nickens and Roger Pinder. Entrepreneurial project to teach students with mild to moderate disabilities functional,transferable life skills. Students will run a school-based embroidery business customizing various kinds of Liberty gear. Allows for partnership with other school organizations with eventual
outreach to feeder schools.

If It’s Too Loud, You’re Too Old: Century High School, Jim Dunlop and Keith Allen. Expansion of Hillsboro School District and Hillsboro Park & Recreation’s collaborative summer program, “School of Rock” through purchase of dedicated music equipment.

Engineering for the Future: Poynter Middle School, Sue Peters
Sponsored by Genentech. Uses renewable energy as the vehicle to teach to new State Engineering Design Science Content Standards. Connects disciplines science, engineering, reading, writing. High interest texts are
provided and a hands-on green energy projects.

Instruments of the Band: Minter Bridge Elementary School, Patrick Lay
Purchases a set of 30 rebuilt instruments to enhance general music curriculum, K-6, through introduction of a variety of instruments. Allows 4-6 grade beginning band students make informed instrument selection with hopes of staying involved in the band as they go through Hilhi.

Weatherbug Weather Station: Liberty High School, Paul Hanson
Sponsored by Genentech
Installs a Weatherbug Weather Station allowing students to collect data, connect with 8,000 stations around the country, and apply information directly in science content standards, including, earth science, physical science, scientific inquiry, and engineering design. Monies will
supplement $2,000 from KOIN Local 6 grant.

The Jellybean Conspiracy: Liberty High School, Janet Van Wess
Sponsored by Kaiser Permanente
Funds staging of play, “The Jellybean Conspiracy,” which is specifically designed for collaboration between general education theater students and students in special education life skills classrooms.

Silk Screen Studio: Hillsboro High School, Ezra Ereckson
Establishes a fully-functioning screen printing studio which allows for collaboration with other student groups and departments to design and produce posters, apparel, accessories and fine art.

Cross-curricular Nonfiction Books: Liberty High School, Brieanna Wilson & OJ Gulley
Sponsored by First Tech Credit Union
Improves 9th grade literacy through high-interest contemporary nonfiction novels A Long Way Gone and Three Cups of Tea. Project crosses Language Arts and Social Studies curriculum and supports both struggling and advanced readers.

Green Thumbs of Rosedale: Rosedale Elementary School, Erin Shepherd and Effie Silvis
Sponsored by Genentech
Establishes a garden as an “outdoor classroom” with emphasis on “green” organic gardening. Garden will be used in lessons across math, language arts, science, social studies, health and PE. Plans to use produce in cafeteria.

Read-ville Rams Family Literacy Program: Reedville Elementary School, Gina Baez.
Sponsored by Verizon
Funds a new phonics-based family literacy program in both English and Spanish for students and parents in K-1, and includes family reading nights and materials for families to bring home.

Future Field Guides: W.L. Henry Elementary School, Travis Reiman
Sponsored by Genentech
In collaboration with Jackson Bottom Wetland staff, teachers and 4-6th grade students will study and develop field guides which will be used to introduce K-3 students to the Turner Creek Park ecosystem adjacent to the school.

Lego Mindstorms Kits: Tobias Elementary School, PTO and staff
Sponsored by Genentech
Expands existing grades 1-4 Lego Robotics program to grades 5-6 students with more advanced, real-world applications of math and science applications. Tobias PTO and volunteer instructors support this program.

Connect Me2U: Brown Middle School, Barbara Wickham
Sponsored by Genentech
Program seeks to engage students with professionals in the field through use of live videoconferencing on dedicated hardware.

Let’s Draw: Free Orchards Elementary School, Patti Wiemer
Enhances free afterschool BLAST program with high quality art lessons designed to “close the experiential gap between students in poverty and those of more affluent means.”

Battle of the Books Team: Lincoln Street Elementary School, Brian Haats
Sponsored by Verizon
Funds the creation of an afterschool Battle for the Books Team that will meet weekly and train to compete in the Oregon Battle of the Books competition in spring 2011. This program targets TAG and advanced readers.


2009 Grant Award Winners

Cover to Cover: Indian Hills Elementary, Stephanie Zumwalt
Sponsored by First Tech Credit Union
Direct-instruction curriculum that provides struggling readers the opportunity to read books from genres that are most interesting to them and at an instructionally appropriate level.

Post Office: Minter Bridge Elementary, Patrick Lay
Sponsored by Kaiser Permanente
Establishes a school wide post office to promote writing and reading and foster a sense of community.

Wildlife Observation Garden: Farmington View Elementary, Lisa Pfister
Sponsored by Genentech
Establish an Observation Garden that will provide all students with “hands on” outdoor science learning opportunities and extend the knowledge students have gained through the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve.

Coordinated Science Club: Witch Hazel Elementary and South Meadows Middle School, Brian Haats and Arturo Lomeli
Sponsored by Genentech
The establishment of an after school Coordinated Elementary and Middle School Science Club between Witch Hazel and South Meadows would utilize middle school students in on-going mentoring roles at the elementary level and provide leadership opportunities for both middle and elementary school students.

Mindful Music: Free Orchards Elementary, Kim Harrington and Charline Gebhardt
Provides an exciting fine arts performing experience to teach and reinforce character-building concepts through music education and narration.

Scientific Inquiry with LabQuest: Hillsboro High School, Steve Sears
Sponsored by Genentech
All students enrolled in a Hilhi science class will use Vernier LabQuest data loggers and sensors to design, implement and complete authentic scientific research.

Fitness Technology: South Meadows Middle School, Bert Yamaoka
Sponsored by New Seasons Market
Students will develop a working knowledge of exercise and fitness training with heart rate monitors.

Family Fonics Phase II: Reedville Elementary, Chrissy Lawrence and Heather Oster
Sponsored by Verizon
Family Fonics provides after school and parent education programs that strengthen home literacy and provide students with additional support beyond the school day in literacy instruction.

English Language Learners Community Language Support Center: Century High School, Melissa Ellis and
Devon Julien
The English Language Learners Community Language Support Center will provide a place where students have access to materials and programs to promote autonomous accelerated language learning in addition to tutorial

Technology for Parent Equity and Participation: Liberty High School, Janelle Danskey
A Listen Technology wireless transmitter and headset will increase the availability of simultaneous Spanish language translation at school events and remove the language barrier to participation for Spanish speaking students and their parents.

History Larger Than Life: Poynter Middle School, Stephanie Sherman-Petersen
Use dedicated projectors and document cameras to incorporate best teaching practices that focus on interactive activities in 7ᵗʰ grade social science classrooms.

Orca Live 360°: Orenco Elementary, Tom Bunker, Mike Futter
Sponsored by New Seasons Market
Orca Live 360° will develop school and community civic responsibility via student video productions which will strengthen Orenco’s positive behavior program by using broadcasts of students interviewing civic leaders in the greater Hillsboro community.

Global Awareness through Cultural Book Boxes: Farmington View Elementary, Charmaine Sandefer This
project will promote student awareness of foreign cultures by using a cross curricular display of research and writing based on lifestyles and social situations.

Operation Dig for Knowledge: West Union Elementary, Grant Corliss
Sponsored by Verizon
Develop a mobile research laboratory for student use in the classroom whereby the students doing the research become the experts by creating virtual field trips and book talks that their peers can use for learning.

Integration of Media, Muse and Music into the Scientific Technology of Today and Tomorrow: Century
High School, Rachelle Carnes
Sponsored by Genentech
Students will have the opportunity to collect data, analyze data and present projects using multimedia options including digital cameras, laptops and MovieMaker to enhance their understanding of scientific

2008 Grant Award Winners

Walk in the Shoes of a Designer: Hillsboro High School-Cynthia Schubert, Kelda Van Patten. Students will design a prototype shoe inspired by research of contemporary art and artists, write a designer’s statement, verbally and visually present their shoe design and meet a professional designer.

Listen Here!:Hillsboro High School-Robert K. Bliss. Students will create original protest songs while examining the history of United States political movements through the study of lyrics as primary source historical documents.

Document Cameras: Liberty High School-Danika Greene. The purchase of six document camera systems will enhance and enrich algebra and geometry instruction.

Fitness for Life: Liberty High School-Stephenie Fink, Laurie Jenkins. Fitness for Life is a program dedicated to promoting lifetime fitness and physical activity as well as enhancing personal fitness, health, and wellness.

Science Olympiad: Liberty High School- Dr. Milt Scholl, Nathan Van Winkle, Brian McCarthy. Grant dollars will build up the resource base, including a scientific library, for the Liberty High School Science Olympiad team.  This grant is supported with funds generously provided by Genentech, Inc.

Tuesday with Avamere, the Meaning of Life: Century High School-Heather Zehr, Janine Jacobs. Students will interview residents of Avamere Retirement community, compile their interviews and create a book defining the meaning of life.

Student Response System: Century High School- Raya Nichols. The goal of this grant is to increase student engagement and assessment in business curriculum through the use of a student response system.

Prostart Program: Century High School- Arica Mathers. The ProStart program will allow students the opportunity to learn and practice professional culinary arts and hospitality skills.

Using Student Interests to Prepare for High School Algebra: Brown Middle School and Century High School – Chris Steiner, Theresa Kirsch, Jim Ney. An innovative summer algebra prep course will prepare students transitioning from middle school to high school by focusing on their personal interests.  This grant is supported with funds generously provided by Genentech, Inc.

The Interactive Writing Classroom: Poynter Middle School- Leslie McGuire Using document cameras with projectors will create an interactive, student-centered writing classroom that focuses on editing and revising written work.

Turning Struggling Readers into Motivated Readers: Poynter Middle School – Briget O’Leary. The goal of this grant is to increase self confidence and reading motivation for adolescent students who are significantly below grade level in reading through the purchase of high interest, low level texts.

Vernier LabQuest:  Miller Education Center – Matthew Thornton. Through the purchase of Vernier LabQuest materials, students will be engaged in hands-on environmental and biological instruction and science inquiry.

Alphasmart Neos Occupational Therapy: Special Education, Hillsboro School District- Ross Bryant. This grant will develop, maintain, and expand a district wide technology loan bank of Alphasmart Neos for students who struggle with writing participation and completion.

Orca Live Take 2:  Orenco Elementary- Tom Bunker, Mike Futter. The Orca Live Take 2 grant is designed to expand Orenco Elementary’s live, weekly, student-led television broadcast by facilitating student-directed, grade-level reporting, and strengthening the connection between Orenco and the Hillsboro community.

Family Fonics: Reedville Elementary- Gina Baez, Vic Smith, Lila Mechling. The “Family Fonics” project is designed to bridge the language barrier and close the literacy achievement gap for Reedville students and their families.  The goal of this program is to significantly increase reading fluency and comprehension.  This grant is supported with funds generously provided by First Tech Credit Union.

Astro Club- Reading is Your Rocket Ship!: Ladd Acres Elementary- Christine Estep, Renee Laney. The Astro Club is an after school reading club where students will increase their reading fluency through an interactive computer program called Read Naturally.  This grant is supported with funds generously provided by Verizon.

To Home and Back with Books:  Minter Bridge Elementary – Tammy Cole. This grant provides an opportunity to connect low income, at-risk kindergarten students with books and activities that they can take home and do with their families.  This grant is supported with funds generously provided by First Tech Credit Union.

All Creatures Great and Small: Evergreen Middle School – Jessie Bader, Lori Furrow. An after-school program for students interested in Veterinary medicine.  Students will visit vet offices and work in the classroom to learn about healthcare for animals. This grant is supported with funds generously provided by Genentech, Inc.

2007 Grant Award Winners

Weather in the Garden, Butternut Creek Elementary. A weather station for the Butternut Creek Garden will enhance student learning by integrating science, math, social studies, speaking and writing curriculums. The grant will also provide for an after school science club.

Bringing History Alive, Century High School. Bringing History Alive is an exciting social studies supplement that will provide relevant, challenging, and engaging activities for students.

Jumpin’ & Jivin’ with the Jaguars, Century High School. Local senior citizens will be entertained four times during the year at a big-band style dessert dance hosted by Century Jazz Band, Key Club, and senior students in the Arts & Communications Focused Area.

Jumpstart, Century High School. This grant will provide special education eighth graders a jumpstart to high school and special education upperclassmen an opportunity to take a leadership role.

Interactive Student Response System, Evergreen Middle School. An entire class will be involved with interactive questions posed by the teacher and responses recorded through an engaging, interactive student response system.

Writing to Reach, Involve, Teach and Engage (WRITE Project II), Farmington View Elementary. The WRITE Project II is a creative and innovative school wide approach for increasing kindergarten through sixth grade student achievement in writing.

Navajo Code Talker Day and Eyewitness to History Program, Glencoe High School. Students will plan and host a two day World War II Navajo Code Talker event that will be the springboard for the development of a video production program and an oral history program in which students learn to interview and videotape senior citizens, write and record their stories, and produce documentaries.

American Sign Language, Groner Elementary. American Sign Language will be taught to all students in the school to facilitate communication with Deaf/Hard of Hearing students currently studying at Groner in the Northwest Regional Education Service District program.

The Lenox Edupods, Lenox Elementary. Interest, motivation and achievement will improve with the innovative use of iPods in instruction, self evaluation, and teacher assessment.

Lenox Pioneer Garden, Lenox Elementary. The Lenox Pioneer Garden is a community based, student centered learning experience integrating all aspects of the school curriculum with a hands on approach to learning.

ORCA Live TV, Orenco Elementary. ORCA Live, a weekly, student-led live television broadcast aired to Orenco Elementary School, is designed to increase student proficiency in the areas of writing, interviewing, public speaking, and use of technology.

Give Me Ten Minutes, Patterson Elementary. English Language Learning students and their parents will attend a meeting once each month to receive new tools and activities to complete for ten minutes each night to improve reading and math skills.

2006 Grant Award Winners

Cafe Couture – Liberty High School (Mary Masters, Culinary Arts Teacher) – This grant will enable students in the Advance Culinary class to start an on-site student restaurant called Cafe Couture. Cafe Couture will expand student knowledge in not only their culinary skills but also menu costing, marketing, staffing, money management, safety and sanitation procedures and
customer service.

Creating a “Mat-h Renaissance:” Math Success for Every Student- Poynter Middle School (Laraine Adams, Social Learning Center Special Education Teacher) – Targets math instruction, motivates, and monitors student math achievement through a computer-based math management system that individualizes math assessment, customizes curriculum, and frequently monitors progress.

Water-wise Bird and Butterfly Garden – North Plains Elementary (John Matsuo, Principal) – Students will use science, math, language arts, and geography to create a living lab. They will help design, plant, and maintain this garden; build and maintain bird and butterfly houses and feeders; and create an on-going learning space conducive to hands-on fieldwork experiences.

Sparky’s Clubhouse – David Hill Elementary (Site Council and Toni Crummett, Principal) – This after-school activity will increase student awareness of nutrition and healthy free time activity choices. Students will prepare healthy snacks, choose healthy beverages, and engage in free time activities that are physically or intellectually stimulating.

Welcome Center- Liberty High School (Freddy Lopez and John Patron) – Will provide a safe, educational atmosphere for newcomer English Language Learners that promotes rapid second language acquisition, acculturation, and equal educational opportunity including high quality language acquisition software.

Writing to Reach, Involve, Teach and Engage (WRITE Project) – Farmington View Elementary (Jill Butcher, Kindergarten and Bill Tracy, Principal) – Establishes a school-wide focus on writing that will Reach out to all students at Farmington View, actively Involve them in the writing process, leach them the six traits of quality writing, and Engage them in innovative learning activities to stimulate their interest and creativity in writing.

PAWS Publishing, Photo Journalism Club- Patterson Elementary (Lauri Lewis, Principal) – Will provide a meaningful, motivating activity that will integrate technology, art (photography) and writing (publishing) in a publication for the Patterson School community. This after-school club will photograph school and community events and publish articles in a monthly publication. Exemplary articles will also be published in the Argus or Oregonian.

Advanced Placement Summer Academy (APSA) Century and Glencoe High Schools (Shelley Cole AP Rhetoric and Composition at Century High and Deb Monnier, AP US History at Glencoe High) – An eight-day, intensive preparatory program for high school students who will be taking their first Advanced Placement English or Advanced Placement social science course in the fall. The focus of the program will be on boosting skills, especially those in writing, reading, note-taking, study, and test-taking which will in turn increase students’ achievement in the Advanced Placement courses.

Brookwood’s Learning Garden – Brookwood Elementary (Sara Lasky, Fifth Grade Teacher) – An on-site knowledge laboratory that will establish a fertile setting for lessons across the curriculum, especially in the areas of math, science, language arts, and technology. The main objective is to increase student achievement by providing an extraordinary opportunity for authentic, real-life experience that will catapult student academic growth and increase engagement throughout the whole school day.

English Language Development Through Song – Minter Bridge Elementary (Vicky Money, ESL Teacher and Teresia Walls, Music Teacher) – Working together, the English as a Second Language teacher and the Music teacher will develop a curriculum to facilitate English language development through songs and musical activities.

Pyramid Building for All – Tobias Elementary (Victoria Smith, Literacy Support Teacher) – All students at Tobias will have the opportunity to work at their specific reading level and keep track of their progress using the on-line Read Naturally program with the Read Naturally One Minute home to school connection. This will enrich students’ educational program, engage students in learning more effectively and involve parents in their child’s reading literacy.

Getting to the Heart of the Solution – Brown Middle School (Mike DePinto, PE Teacher) – An innovative model for teaching and learning in the middle school physical education setting. Students will improve their physical fitness through the use of heart rate monitors, the development of their own fitness goals based on individual data, setting personal fitness goals, and self-monitoring their progress in meeting their personal benchmarks

Fostering Cultural Understanding Through Music – Imlay Elementary and Farmington View Elementary (Martha Evans Osborne, Music Teacher) – Facts can broaden the minds of students, but to open their hearts, experiencing music and dance holds the greatest potential. Students will develop understanding, tolerance, and respect for those who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures through technology that allows students to know something of about a culture through music, singing, and moving.

2005 Grant Award Winners

Butternut Creek (Heather Dreifuss and Randy Bither, Teachers) — The Roots of Learning. Creates a school garden which will be a focal point for classroom lessons, hands-on experiential learning, and community involvement, leading to increased student achievement in math, science, and writing.

Groner (Bruce Bourget, Principal; Mary Ann Blasen, Chris Caputo, and Jennifer Strand, Teachers) — The Great Grizzly Reader Program. An approach to reading instruction for kindergarten and first grade students who are below grade level, incorporating innovative and effective teaching methods, parental involvement, technology, and frequent celebrations of student success.

Hillsboro High School (Amy Turnbull, Cynthia Schubert, and Amanda Ryan, Teachers) — What Feeds an Artist? Students research the lives of famous artists and synthesize their knowledge by creating place settings that symbolically show what fed the spirits of the artists.

Imlay (Kona Williams, Teacher) — Math Versa Tiles. Provides purposeful hands-on practice and helps improve math skills for all learners.

Lenox (Bill Klug, Principal; Erin Reamer, Kellie Petrick, Val Phelan, Stacia Nelson, Lynn LaBelle, Karen Nicola, Teachers) — Improved Reading Skills II.  A program to improve reading skills for 20% of kindergarten through second grade students and give classroom teachers regular feedback on all students reading progress.

McKinney (Patti Wiemer, Principal) — Teaching Reading in Intermediate Grades. Provides training, release time, and materials for Intermediate teachers so they can better provide reading instruction to poor readers.

Mooberry (Melissa Locke, Teacher) — Get GLAD! Provides training for teachers in GLAD, a sheltered language instruction model based on best educational practices, in order to increase knowledge and use of effective ESL methods and tools in the mainstream classroom.

Orenco (Jan Lusk and Tom Bunker, Teachers) — TEAM ORCA. TEAM ORCA is designed to create an expanded and long-term sustainable building-wide program to provide reading and technological interventions for students not meeting benchmark.

Special Programs (Terri Nickens and LaDona Hughes, Teachers) — Casey Life Skills Program. Provides training in the Casey Life Skills Program, a systematic, meaningful, and effective process for preparing special education students for post-secondary options.

Tobias (Victoria Smith and Marti Richards Bush, Teachers) — Pyramid Building. Implementation of a program for fourth through sixth grade readers who are below benchmark.

West Union (Linda Bishop, Principal: Judith Hedberg-Duff and Dax Smith, Teachers) — Art: Breaking the Fibonacci Code. After-school classes for TAG and interested intermediate students to explore and problem-solve mathematical codes through the visual arts and music.

Witch Hazel (Lori L. Cronan and Carol Liebertz, Teachers) — Maintaining Basic Skills for At-Risk Students. Provides intensive, supplemental instruction in Language Arts and Arithmetic during the summer for students facing significant risk of regression in basic skills.

2004 Grant Award Winners

Farmington View, Elementary “STEPS: Summer Teaching Empowering Primary Students” – An innovative approach to reading instruction for kindergarten and first grade students who are below grade level, incorporating the use of high school students as volunteer teaching assistants. (Jill Butcher, Kindergarten Teacher, Robin Parks, First Grade Teacher)

Century High School, “Music to My Ears” – Implement state-of-the-art digital recording equipment to enable students to create, edit, and record their original compositions. This equipment will enable students to enhance and assess their performance or portfolio and help them earn their CAM certification. (Jim Dunlop, Band Director)All Hillsboro middle schools, “TAG You’re It!” – An engaging approach to bring talented and gifted middle school students, their parents and teachers together from throughout the district to help make connections that will increase their engagement as TAG kids. (Kathi Robinson, Assistant Principal – Century)

Poynter Junior High, “Short Shot Science” – A series of after school hands-on, enrichment science activities designed to allow students to explore topics in more depth and build positive attitudes for learning. (Jonathan Pahukula, 8th Grade Science Teacher)

Lenox Elementary, “Improved Reading Skills” – Provide a small group setting for kindergarten and first grade students to receive daily instruction. Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) will be used to adjust instruction. (Bill Klug, Principal)

Glencoe High School, “Health and Human Resource Systems” – Using technology to increase job shadow and internship opportunities. (Linda Harrington)

Glencoe High School, “Science Videos for Spanish Speakers” – An innovative concept to engage ESL students in science by providing the means and curriculum that will enable them to produce science videos in Spanish and English. (Susan Weidkamp, ESL Science Teacher)

Orenco Elementary, “SPLASH” – SPLASH is designed to support students that have been tested for special education but did not qualify for special services through a reading intervention program, assisting parents to be effective mentors for their children and evening activities for families. (Tim Bishop, Principal)

Groner Elementary, “The Great Grizzly Reader Program” – An approach to reading instruction for first and second grade students who are below grade level incorporating parental involvement, technology and celebrations of success. (William R. Tracy, Principal)

Century High School, “Jags Read” – A school wide form of sustained silent reading. Four days a week, for 20 minutes a day, all students and all available staff will set aside what they are doing and read. (Tom Oberhue and Janine Jacobs, Site Council Chairs)

Witch Hazel Elementary, “Literacy Assessment and Instruction” – Using Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy to assess students’ capabilities and inform instruction. (Nancy Kingston-Beall, Principal)

West Union Elementary, “Go With the Flow” – Teaching kinesthetic fitness and relaxation techniques to relieve anxiety and stress for students who are diagnosed emotionally disturbed. (Diane Kinion, SLC Teacher)

Witch Hazel Elementary, “Read Naturally” – Increase student reading skills and improve reading success by implementing Read Naturally. (Lori Cronan, Special Education – ERC Teacher)

Tobias Elementary, “Read Naturally” – Implementation of program for fourth through sixth graders who are below benchmark levels. (Victoria Smith, Marti Richards – Teachers)

2004 HSF Technology Grants for Innovative Education (in partnership with the Intel Foundation):

North Plains Elementary, “Limitless Math” – Providing 5 desktop computers, scanners and math software for the entire school, as well as a suite of software programs from Renaissance Learning that create individually tailored learning opportunities in mathematics. (John Matsuo, Principal)
Century High School, “Design the Future” Lab – A specialized lab of 20 computer systems to allow students to work on engineering and design projects. This lab will also be used for engineering, robotics and science clubs. (Ms. Dawn Montgomery, Principal)

2003 Grant Award Winners

Farmington View Star Academy: An innovative approach to reading instruction for first and second grade students who are below grade level, incorporating the use of effective teaching methods, technology and parental involvement.

Miller Education Center Integrated Natural History with Lewis & Clark: Development of an integrated, multi-disciplinary unit integrating geogra¬phy, public speaking, writing, food preparation, photog¬raphy, computer technology, landscaping, research, botany and community service using the Lewis and Clark Corps. of Discovery journey to the Pacific.

MinterBridge “Kindergarten Family Book Group”: Minter Bridge bi-lingual staff will provide kindergarten children and parent monthly book groups to teach parents how to read with their children using ESL Literacy Book Packs.

Poytner Psst…have you heard?: The Poytner Summer Science Team returns for another exciting summer of innovative, hands-on,. science-enrichment activities for incoming 7th and 8th grade students.

Poytner Quatama Crossing Homework Club: This project will begin a Homework Club at Quatama Crossing Apartments for Poytner Middle School Students.

Hillsboro High School Model United Nations Program: The model United Nations Program pro¬vides students with the opportunity to experience the international geo-political realities that exist in the world today by engaging students in activities that pre-pare them for a Model United Nations Simulation.

Indian Hills Saturday School: The Saturday School Program in partnership with Lewis and Clark College and Pacific University, and using National Honor Roll Students is designed to support at-risk students in meet¬ing the benchmarks in reading, writing and math.

Orenco SPLASH SPLASH is designed to support students who have been tested for special education but did not qualify for special services. Through a reading intervention program, the program assists parents to be effective mentors for their children and provides evening activities for families.

Butternut Creek Accelerated Grammar and Spelling: This program is designed for 3-6 graders to accelerate grammar and spelling through use of a school-wide individualized spelling mastery program that assists children with grammar, usage, and editing.

2002 Grant Award Winners

Eastwood Elementary: Let’s Get Wet! Stream Restoration Project. Sixth grade students, parents and teachers, in partnership with Hillsboro Parks and Recreation, are studying and helping restore a Hillsboro stream. Over a 3-year period the team will learn about the stream ecosystem as they create a plan to restore the natural habitat, complete restoration work and monitor the changes over time.

Indian Hills Elementary: Saturday School. This project provides individualized and small-group instruc¬tion in reading, writing and math for at-risk 5th graders. Staffed by Pacific University intern teachers, Century High School National Honor Society members, parents, 6th grade student volunteers and Indian Hills staff, the program takes place for two hours on Saturday mornings.

Peter Boscow Elementary: Lights, Camera, Action! 4th and 5th grade students are organized into news departments (e.g., World News, Sports, Local News, Arts, etc.) to research and develop a news pres¬entation in a variety of formats such as newsletters, websites and videotaped broadcasts. Students will become proficient in such tasks as videotaping, inter-viewing, researching, writing, producing, speaking, editing and publishing.

Poynter Middle School: Summer Science Program. This innovative, hands-on summer science enrichment program will help increase achievement and build positive learning attitudes for 40 new and return¬ing students. The focus is on recruiting students with low achievement levels, but higher level students can fill any available positions. In- addition to academic emphasis, the program engenders familiarity with the school environment and fosters friendships and working relationships among students and staff.

Century High School: FAME (Focused Arts and Media Education) CAM (Certificate of Advanced Mastery). The grant provides funding to purchase a multimedia package that enhances the ability of FAME
CAM students to build community connections and cre¬ate service opportunities. Using the package, thirty sen¬ior students in the class are producing individual web-sites, as well as contributing to a FAME CAM commu¬nity website. The project also includes a multimedia kickoff celebration in the fall and training sessions in digital editing equipment to allow students to assist staff and other students in multimedia editing. The program culminates in a senior project for each student to be showcased in a public performance at the end of the year.

Miller Education Center: Oral History Project for Alternative Students. Participating students will interview community members about their experiences in the past 50 years. The classes are studying the time periods involved and developing interview questions. Students will record the interviews and use cameras to take formal portraits of their interviewees. The students will then transcribe the interviews and compose a book-let for each community member interviewed. Finally, participating students will read each other’s interviews and write a narrative history. The project, which is designed to enhance student success and self-esteem, addresses different learning styles and provides students a tie-in to social studies, curriculum and history texts.

Groner Elementary: ESL Homework and Culture Club. This project provides a weekly after-school study club for ESL and migrant students. ESL (English as Second Language) instructional methods and tools will combine with real-world experience as students work together to increase achievement, com¬plete assignments and build vocabulary and English skills. Staff will utilize project-oriented cultural study with hands-on activities, peer tutoring, one-on-one tutoring and technology skills to help students integrate into the community.

2001 Grant Award Winners

Intel/HSF Innovative Grants

Groner School’s “Partners in Math Problem Solving: Uses a buddy system to match older students with younger ones to work one-on-one on the computer to solve math problems. The older students create open-ended problems for the younger children to solve. The grant award includes 15 new Intel Celeron computers, a new color printer and over $4000 in math software. Since Groner Elementary is also a site for the Northwest Regional ESD program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, the new systems also will support math and technology needs for the 24 students enrolled in that program.

North Plains Elementary: Will use its grant to teach students technology concepts and processes such as spreadsheet and graph generation. As well, the school will begin an extra-curricular Mother-Daughter Technology Club that provides activities and lessons for morns and their 4th-6th grade daughters to develop skills and enthusiasm for technology. Through the grant, Intel is providing 17 new computers, an InFocus projector, color printer, scanner, and a digital camera. North Plains has committed $22,500 in primarily PTA-raised matching funds to support the project.

Butternut Creek Elementary: Allows students to use the award-winning software program STAR Math. This program provides individual instruction and measures growth for each student throughout the year. Using the software Butternut Creek teachers expect to increase their students’ math scores by 10% over the next year. The Intel grant provides the school eight new computers and a $15,000 grant to purchase the accelerated ST AR Math software.

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